To download an entire collection of Digital Negatives, please follow these steps to gather, purchase and download files:

1. Enter your area of our proofing site.  Enter one of your galleries & start from the thumbnail view.

Thumbnail View If you already have an active Favorites List going, you will want to create a new Favorites List before continuing. You can find instructions for that in the Managing Favorites guide.

2. Click on Select Photos, above the photos, on your right. You will see the interface change slightly.

3. A new button Add to Favorites will appear nearby.  Click that button.

4. Presuming that you want to download ALL of your photos, click on Add the Entire Gallery.

5. You will see the counter for your favorites list increase by the number of photos in the current gallery.

6. Follow the breadcrumbs (the text that reads Home » Weddings » 2013 » etc... is a navigation tree) back and enter in to all the other Galleries included from your booking/job.

7. Repeat the above steps to continue adding ALL of your photos to a single favorites list.

8. When you are finished adding all of your photos to a Favorites List, please view your Favorites List by clicking on its name, right above our logo, in the upper-left of the browser window.

9. Now, the previous screen will be covered with a black overlay that displays all the photos in your Favorites List. Above the thumbnails on this page, you will see a Buy All button. Mouse over those words and then click Select Product for # photos.

Favorite List Review

10. Navigate through the product catalog to find Digital Negative Collection under the Downloads section & click it, followed by the Continue button.

Dig Neg HighlightDig Neg Highlight

At this point, it may seem like your browser slows down. What this means is that the Photo Gallery Server is crunching on several hundred images at once, on-the-fly. Please be patient throughout the next steps.

11. The next screen you come to will look like this:

If you have followed the above steps correctly, all of your photos should be in the "Selected" Tab and already populated onto the "light table" in the center portion of the window. Simply click Save to Cart to proceed.

12. The following screen will offer you options to reconfigure the Digital Negative Collection, should you have made a mistake.  Please click View Cart to continue.

13. You have now reached the Cart (Hurray!). If you wish to add on prints or other products/downloads to your order, you can click Continue Shopping to return to the gallery and select additional items. Or, click Checkout Now to proceed with your download order, as is.

14. Read & Accept the license agreement (Personal Use ONLY) then follow along with the Checkout procedures.

Your order will be submitted for our review. Once accepted, you will receive an email with download instructions. Please keep in mind that you will be downloading a few Gigabytes of data. Your download may take several moments to begin as the server gathers the files into one downloadable document. And, then, the download may take several hours during this process. We recommend you start your download before you leave the house or go to bed as to maximize your available bandwidth for the download. Your download link will remain active for 30 days. Be sure to triple backup your images and print as many as you can to insure against computer failure or disaster.

If, part of a package or other purchase, you are entitled to a complimentary/gift download of Digital Negatives, or would like to use a product credit, please contact the Studio before you finish the final stage of checkout for your coupon code. (Coupon codes may not be "stacked" in the same order, so if you have an additional code to use, please place each order separately.)

If you would like us to email you a cart with your Digital Negatives pre-gathered (Skipping Steps 1-12), we will be happy to do so. ($50 Service Fee applies.)

If you loose your Digital Negative Collection and need to download it again after the initial 30 day window, we will be happy to reactivate your download link.

Lastly, you can use this same method to populate any other digital download collection-type product. You may just want to start with a smaller favorites list.

Thank You!